Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet Stuff My Daughter Says

I wrote an entire book about my son ( ).  My daughter does have her own chapter in the book, but my son was born dying from his malformed heart and endured twelve heart surgeries before kindergarten.  And yet my daughter can be the drama queen.

Anyway, my son got a book, so my daughter deserves at least a blog.  Precious Mo-Mints is a minting of sweet things my little girl (Moira or Mo) says. Moira is six years old.  So, here is my first entry.

Last night, while Wii bowling, Mo proclaimed that Baby Butterfly (a threadbare doll that is so loved she makes the Velveteen Rabbit seem mint-in-box) has "bowling magic" and she was giving it us so that we all could use to get strikes.  

Also, Mo has her own super hero theme song she hums when she runs up the stairs to retrieve Baby Butterfly to gift us with that Bowling Magic.  

That is today's Precious Mo-Mint.

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