Friday, March 4, 2011

Tooth Fairy Land

So, yesterday at school Mo-Mo lost her first tooth.  EXCITING!!! Then she had gymnastics for the first time where I think she was genuinely surprised that at age 6 with no training at all she could not do a back flip at the end of one class, but she loved it anyway.

Then, last night, before bed, Moira brings me two dollars that her Great-Aunt Lori sent her for Valentine's Day (all the money she has) and she says, "I want to give this to the Tooth Fairy, Mommy."

So I say, "But, Moira, Honey, the Tooth Fairy brings YOU money." 

And my sweet girl says to me, "But Mommy, the Tooth Fairy gives people stuff all the time and no one gives her anything.  I want to give her my two dollars."

How could I argue with that.  She also wrote the Tooth Fairy a note about how "grate" she is.  It's awesome and will be treasured forever.  The next morning (this morning) the Tooth Fairy left a note telling Moira that they use teeth as currency (she used the word money) in Tooth Fairy Land,  and thanked Moira for the offer of trade.  She also let Moira keep her first lost tooth but will take the next one and left $15.

Note to nieces, nephews, and cousins and old people loosing teeth this is NOT the going rate at our house, it's just a first tooth only exclusive offer so don't be coming to my house with your nasty molars expecting $15. 

Anyway, that is the Precious Mo-Mint of the day.  Hope you enjoyed!

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